The hashtag #316day trends on social media each year on 16 March

The hashtag #316day reflects the widespread popularity of Austin 3:16 Day among fans of Steve Austin and professional wrestling

The day is marked by various celebrations, including sharing memes, gifs, and images related to the catchphrase on social media platforms.

Austin 3:16 Day is an annual commemoration of a famous catchphrase spoken by former professional wrestler Steve Austin during a WWE event in 1996.

The catchphrase reads "Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass" and has since become a popular cultural reference.

Austin 3:16 Day serves as a reminder of the impact that Steve Austin had on the sport of professional wrestling and on pop culture as a whole

Austin 3:16 Day is a testament to the lasting influence of Steve Austin and the enduring popularity of professional wrestling.

The hashtag #316day  will continue to trend on social media, indicating the lasting impact of Austin 3:16 Day.